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International Agency for Standards and Ratings honors Biruk Abate and Merkuz Abera with Max Planck Research Award-2015 in Civil Engineering for great scientific contribution

15 April, 2015, Ethiopia, USA NEWS CORP

 Ceramic, drinking water, filter, performance, standard Journal of Civil Engineering Photon Journal  Photon Foundation Ceramic, drinking water, filter, performance, standard Journal of Civil Engineering Photon Journal  Photon FoundationBiruk Abate and Merkuz Abera are helping to cultivate world''s future scientists. Under their leadership the research area is surely likely to excel. In historic victory the celebrity scientists: Biruk Abate and Merkuz Abera honored with Max Planck Research Award-2015 in Civil Engineering. Ahead of several thousands competitors, Biruk Abate and Merkuz Abera representing Ethiopia won prestigious Max Planck Research Award-2015 in Civil Engineering. Again Ethiopia has proved its International leadership via producing brilliant scientists in the form of Biruk Abate and Merkuz Abera. IASR expressed, 'It is a privilege to have such international celebrity from Civil Engineering among us who will shape the future of this domain.' Biruk Abate and Merkuz Abera made International news headlines while IASR announced them among World’s 500 Most Influential Civil Engineers for Year 2015 on Earth.

Biruk Abate Fenta is an Industrial Chemist in Advanced Diploma, B.Sc, in Chemical Engineering and Master of Technology in Chemical Engineering. At present Senior Engineer and Lecturer at Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar Technology Institute, School of Chemical and Food Engineering. Since then Senior Researcher at Bahir Dar University Biotechnology Institute, and HIV/AIDS Affairs Coordinator of Bahir Dar Technology Institute and Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Design Technology.

Merkuz Abera Admassu (Ph.D) studied Agriculture and specialized in Plant Pathology at Haramaya University (Ethiopia). The Author has got professional experience in Agricultural Extension, Plant Quarantine/Inspection, Plant Health Clinic, instructing and Agricultural Research. The Author also published many Journal Articles and books and received an International Award from Karachi University, Pakistan for his contribution of Plant Pathology. At present he is working as Associate Professor at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia, East Africa.

Biruk Abate and Merkuz Abera from Ethiopia made a historical victory over the international competition and won Max Planck Research Award-2015 in Civil Engineering. Their research was highlighted in international media and gathered a large worldwide attention in scientific circles while it appeared in world's most read journal 'Journal of Civil Engineering'. In their report on Design Development and Performance Evaluation of Ceramic Pot Water Filter for Decentralized Household Drinking Water Purification System in Developing Countries: An Overview they mention that The majority of the world’s population does not have access to safe drinking water. The paramount concern is that 75 percent of all diseases in developing countries arising from polluted drinking water. Selecting the most appropriate water treatment technology for community is difficult due to the existing water and sanitation conditions, cultural acceptability, implementation, technology availability, and other local conditions. Ceramic filters manufactured by local ceramists are affordable, appropriate, and sustainable. This review study recommendation is given as design development and performance evaluation of ceramic pot filter for decentralized household drinking water purification system in developing countries. Information lack of manufacturing, water quality and utilization, economic benefits and affordable market opportunities make ceramic water filter has low contribution in developing countries. The existing design, construction and performance tests were considered from previous study data, and design development and performance evaluation tests were carried out and interpreted and the ANOVA result showed that the physico-chemical analysis have similar results from world health organization water quality standards. From this ceramic pot filter can be used for water quality improvement and poverty alleviation in the developing world by diversifying the existing ceramic filters manufacturing systems. Under their leadership the research area is surely likely to expand beyond the horizons. It will be worthy to explore the further potential under their legacy. Biruk Abate and Merkuz Abera as valuable intellectuals for the country offer exclusive opportunities for scholars around the world. One of the most attractive weightage for Ethiopia is to have the awardees for promotion of the concerned scientific discipline for the benefit of its civilians. Thus Ethiopia which has excellent track record to produce brain storming intellectuals, has offered a new extension in terms of Biruk Abate and Merkuz Abera to world.

The experimental reviewed work is carried out by Biruk Abate (the author). This research article is collected, organized and reviewed from previous research articles and ceramic manufacturing guidebooks. Dr. Merkuz Abera (corresponding author) helped him in paper writing and giving valuable information during his reviewed work.

The authors are very grateful to Dr.Baylie Damitie, President of Bahir Dar University and the Bahir Dar University Research and Community Service Office for offering them continual moral and advice to conduct the research.

I want, what I am entitled for: Jasoda Ben, NDTV reported

NDTV interviewed Jasoda Ben, the wife of PM, Narendra Modi. She filed RTI about her safety concerns. She is on her foot or her scooter, while security cover is in government vehicles. She expects that she should meet the justice and deserving facility, being wife of PM. She gets pension Rs 15000 but she does not request it directly from Modi.

Secrets: Rupert Murdoch smells India's property market (Real Estate)
2.46 PM, 26 November, 2014, India

Rupert Murdoch-controlled News Corp picks up 25% stake in online property brokerage startup PropTiger for $30 million, marking his return to internet investments in India. Murdoch says that News Corp was excited about its latest investment seeing the tremendous potential in India's digital marketplace. He is very bullish about India's future. Murdoch bets backing startups like Bazee and

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