Sunday, 8 March 2015

Manju Kataria receives World Mass Communication Award-2015

Breaking News: Manju Kataria receives World Mass Communication Award-2015

Manju Kataria receives World Mass Communication Award-2015

08 March, 2015, India, USA NEWS CORP

The World Mass Communication Award-2015 goes to Manju Kataria from India. This is an excellent global opportunity to recognize the meritorious efforts by individual and organization. The research findings were published on world’s prestigious The Journal of Journalism & Mass Communication. Cinema is the popular educational foundation of the country. Ramachandra Guha, the noted social historian of India states, “Feature films are the great popular passion of India, cutting across the social divides, the divides of caste, class, region, religion, gender and language.” (Guha, 2007) The present study entitled “A study of attitude of Youth towards Patriotic movies” was conducted with a view to ascertain the responses of boys and girls regarding the patriotic movies. The sample comprised of 150 respondents which consisted 75 boys and 75 girls purposively in the age group of 16-25 years. The main objective is to understand the belief that is prevalent among youth towards patriotism and patriotic movies. In this table patriotic movies promote in youngsters. Film, generally, has enormous impact on the societies. It gives new trends, ideas and traditions etc. Films not only make the opinion but also reshape the opinions. Girls like the movies than boys. In this paper youth loves Hindi patriotic movies. Hindi cinema conquers world class quality. Indian Hindi cinema has a lot of creative hands. From the data analysis, find an apparent picture of our young audiences’ attitudes towards contemporary Commercial cinema. A commercial film can be social or romantic or action film. People have no obligation for commercial films- just some changes in mentality is needed for this kind of cinema. They learn patriotic movies taught them country’s love, oneness for the country. They learnt about their country, opportunity, freedom, proud etc. Movies are the source of patriotic and patriot knowledge.
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