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Nigeria offers tremendous opportunities in Agriculture

20 March, 2015, Nigeria, USA NEWS CORP

In a major move in the field of Agricultural Marketing. Olowa, Olatomide Waheed,Walid Adebosin, Adeyemi Ayanwole and Adewale T.A. are awarded with Gregor Mendel Research Award-2015 in Agricultural Marketing. The worldwide competition involved many countries. International Agency for Standards and Ratings recognizes the researchers among World's 500 Most Influential Agronomist for the year 2015 on earth. Recently Olowa, Olatomide Waheed published book on Marketing, Cooperative and Policies in Agriculture: Nigeria in Perspective. The book was published on World’s famous Photon eBooks. The book offers lucrative opportunities in Nigerian agriculture. It exploits Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Cooperatives, Feasibility for Small Business Enterprises and Agricultural Development Policies, Strategies and Budgeting in Nigeria. It offers bright opportunities for exporters and importers. Various European countries along with USA have banned crops contaminated with pesticides and plant pathogens. Digital certificates boost controls over spread of plant pests and diseases. FAO boosts food security efforts in countries affected by Syria crisis. Dr. OlowaOlatomide Waheed has a second class upper degree in Agricultural Science from the ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife and a Doctorate in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ibadan having also completed a Master degree in Agricultural Economics from the same University. He has more than a decade expertise experience in teaching, research and leadership. Dr. Olowa has over 60 publications among books, book chapters and scientific papers published both at national and international sphere. He presently works with Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka where he is saddled with the responsibilities of teaching and supervising both Degree and NCE Programmes in Agricultural Education. Adebosin, W.G is a Senior Lecturer in the department of Agricultural Education Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, Noforija – Epe. He holds first Degree in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management from the then Ogun State University (OlabisiOnabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye) and Second degree in Agricultural Economics from the Premier University, Ibadan. He also has another Masters from OlabisiOnabanjo University, Ago – Iwoye in Business and Applied Economics. He has published many scholarly papers in both Local and International journals of repute. Presently he is the HOD, Business Education department of MOCPED, Noforija – Epe and pursuing his Ph.dprogramme at OlabisiOnabanjo University, Ago – Iwoye. Ayanwole, A.A is a lecturer in the department of Business Education, Accounting unit at the Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, Noforija – Epe. He holds both first and second degree in Accounting with many years of teaching experience at both post-secondary and College of Education level. He also taught degree students at the Ekiti State University, in affiliation with MOCPED, Noforija – Epe. He also has to his credit many published articles at both Local and International Level. Mrs. Adewale Temitope A. was born in the ancient city of Ibadan, Nigeria where she had her primary, secondary and tertiary education. She has BSc. and MSc. degrees in Fisheries Management from the University of Ibadan and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Teachers Institute of Nigeria. She has over ten years of teaching experience and presently works as a Lecturer at Michael Otedola College of Primary Education Epe Lagos. She has various publications on Agriculture, Fisheries, Education and Entrepreneurship. She is happily married with children. Olowa O. A. is a product of University of Ibadan where she obtained her first degree in Agricultural Economics in 1998 and a Master’s degree in 2002 in the same course. She has been teaching Agricultural science and related courses for a number of years at both Secondary and Tertiary level. She is currently a lecturer in the department of Agricultural Education, federal College of education (Technical) Akoka, Lagos.

Odisha government eyes Portuguese sea food market

12 December, 2014, PortugalUSA NEWS CORP

In a bid to explore the market of marine food products in Portugal, Odisha government is likely to send a business delegation to that country in March 2015. It was discussed at a meeting here attended by Jitendra Nath Misra, Ambassador of India to Portugal. Portuguese breakfasts often consist of fresh bread, with butter, ham, cheese or fruit preserves, accompanied with coffee, milk, coffee with milk, tea or hot chocolate. Sweet pastries are also very popular, as well as breakfast cereal, mixed with milk or yogurt and fruit. The meeting discussed on the prospects of export of marine food products of Odisha to Portugal. Mishra highlighted that Portugal was a major market for seafood, since its per capita consumption of marine food was the highest in the world. He also stressed on the comparative advantage of the availability of naturally grown products in Chilika lake, which could be marketed in Portugal provided proper certification was followed. A common soup is caldo verde with potato, shredded kale, and chunks of chouriço (chorizo) sausage is used there highly. There is also a wide variety of cheeses made from cow, sheep or goat's milk or even mixture of different kinds of milk. The .....

Lingaa Movie Review on Chennai Business heights

12 December, 2014, IndiaUSA NEWS CORP

Lingaa movie is rocking, excellent, superb & marvelous. Super star has given double treat to  the fans on behalf of his birthday. This is one of the best Rajini sir  movie. This movie proves that there can be only one super star for this  universe. Fans wish Super star Rajini sir a very special happy &  successful birthday. They pray to god for his good health, happiness and  success. With lots of love and affection. Nearly 300 shows in Bangalore and a multiplex in chennai alone has 63 shows a day starting.from 10:55 am to 11:59 pm so you have a show to watch at any time of the day you wait the complex 5 or 10 mins around. This is the extent of madness and craze for super star Rajanikanth's Lingaa. He is the biggest star of India and nobody near him. it's Rajni Mania all around Chennai. The Euphoria is amazing!! and creates new bench mark for business and entertainment....

SpiceJet‬ Cancels Over 1,800 Flights until October 2015

12 December, 2014, IndiaUSA NEWS CORP

Cash-strapped ‪‎SpiceJet‬ airline on Friday said it will honour all bookings made until October 2015 even as the low-fare airline has cancelled over 1,800 flights across the country for the current month. Delhi/ Varanasi/ Bangalore/ Kolkata/ Bagdogra/ Agartala/ Guwahati are expected to witness fog in early morning hours on 12th December, 2014. SpiceJet, Kingfisher's pain is resulting in Jet Airways' gain, stock rises 87% in 3 mths. Five flights cancelled Five flights bound for Calcutta, Delhi and Guwahati were cancelled today at Bagdogra airport because of dense fog. Airport sources said an Air India flight to Calcutta and two Spicejet and two Indigo carriers connecting Calcutta, Delhi and Guwahati were cancelled today. The large-scale flight cancellations came at a time when the aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation was considering issuing a show-cause notice to the airline for defying its directives regarding advance bookings. Hundreds of passengers had to face inconvenience because of the sudden cancellation of flights. While some tried getting train tickets, others who changed their plans and wanted to take flights tomorrow, tried booking hotels and other accommodation........

Metals are still hot choices in Trade and Business
11 December, 2014, LondonUSA NEWS CORP
A large range of price and trading information is available for market users on either a live or 30-minute delayed basis from licenced data distributors...

The Indian biotech industry, yet to grow!

11 December, 2014, IndiaUSA NEWS CORP

The Indian biotech industry will grow at an average growth rate of around 30% a year and reach USD 100 Billion by 2025. The Indian bio-economy grew to USD 4.3 Billion at the end of 2013, up from USD 530 Million in 2003. The Indian biotech industry grew by 15.1% in 2012–13, increasing the market’s revenues from USD 3.31 Billion in 2011-12 to USD 3.81 Billion in 2012–13. The market size of the sector is expected to rise up to USD 11.6 Billion by 2017 due to a range of factors such as growing demand for healthcare services, intensive R&D activities and strong government initiatives. The Indian biotechnology sector is divided into five major segments — bio-pharmabio-servicesbio-agribio-industrial and bio-informatics. The bio-pharmaceutical sector accounts for the largest share of the biotech industry with a share of 64% in total revenues in 2013, followed by bio-services (18%), bio-agri (14%), bio-industrial (3%) and bio-informatics (1%). Revenue from bio-pharma exports reached USD 2.2 Billion in 2013, accounting for 51% of total revenues of the biotech industryService tax exemption for services provided by operators of common bio-medical waste treatment facilities to a clinical establishment by way of treatment or disposal of bio-medical waste or processes incidental thereto. Refund of customs duty paid at the time of import of scientific and technical instruments, apparatus, etc. by public funded and other research institutions, subject to submission of a certificate of registration from the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research...........

India and China competes for Cold-chain logistics; trillion $ business

At more than $1 trillion, China and India are the world’s largest grocery market. Sheer size does not equal efficiency, however.  Economies of scale aside, when it comes to getting goods on the shelves, India and China’s supply chain for transporting fresh produce, dairy, meats and other perishable goods is fragmented and outmoded, leading to spoilage rates that some estimate are as high as 40 percent. Amid all those rotten tomatoes and cartons of sour milk, there is some opportunity. E-commerce companies, aiming to provide China’s 600 million online consumers a door-to-door alternative to grocery shopping, are teaming up with shipping firms to streamline the county’s “cold-chain” logistics network. But it is not so easy. Transportation is not good shaped. Even so many places are not well connected with Rail, and roads. Cold-chain logistics involves the transport of perishable goods in refrigerated trucks immediately after processing and providing cold storage facilities and distribution to the point of sale. As India and China’s middle class grows, consumers are increasingly seeking out fresher, imported and better food. To meet their needs, companies transporting comestibles from field to market are starting to invest in cold-chain infrastructure to improve efficiency.

MCI, Detecting an Expat Running a Plant for Producing Counterfeit Perfume in Riyadh, 50 Thousand Packets had been seized

07 December, 2014, Saudi Arabia, USA NEWS CORP
MCI Control Teams had detected an expat of Arab nationality running a plant for producing counterfeit perfume in Al Masani`a Quarter, south of Riyadh. The inspectors monitored illegal labors putting famous trading brands on the outer packaging bearing "Made in France" then to be sold and marketed to the commercial shops in purpose of cheating and misleading the consumers. The site was closed and those involved were summoned for investigation and taking the statutory procedures against them. MCI Inspection Teams had seized 50 thousand Perfumes packets ready to be marketed in the local market. The confiscated items included 20 thousand packets ready for sale, and more than 30 thousand empty bottles ready to be refilled, in addition to more than 25 thousand cartons used for packaging the perfume, and large quantities of posters reading "Made in France". All the quantities were confiscated in cooperation and coordination with the joint security campaigns. During the inspection of the site, located on Al Haiyer Road, South of Riyadh, the Control Teams monitored as well the existence of papers, documents and official seals belonging to Commercial Establishments, while the said plant was not licensed and did not have any external guiding signs illustrating the type of its activity. MCI had announced earlier the detection of illegal labors involved in the storage of 50 thousand counterfeit perfume packets for famous brands in Al Batha Quarter in Riyadh, all the quantities were confiscated and those involved were summoned for investigation and taking the statutory procedures against them. MCI emphasizes the continuation of its surveillance ....

Internet will play a major role for small business development in 2015

Jack Ma, Alibaba Group Executive Chairman attends the Fifth Conference of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, December 6, 2014. Jack Ma was awarded Honorary Chairman of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce during the conference. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba group, said on Thursday how his company is exploring ways to help small businesses not only in China, but all around the whole world. The three-day First World Internet Conference opened on Wednesday in the scenic river town of Wuzhen with roughly 1,000 Internet professionals, from more than 100 countries and regions in attendance. Ma said, "traditionally, all we think about is how to sell products to others and how to get money out of the pockets of consumers. "The internationalization of Alibaba group's business requires us to ponder the issue of how to help others sell their products to us. China's rapidly rising middle class is posting a huge demand for foreign products." In February, Alibaba launched Tmall International dealing mainly in commodities produced or sold in overseas markets and in September the company was the source of the world's biggest initial public offering. Ma believes that in the global village, old trade modes will be transformed, and, within the WTO framework, the rules of game are set by the governments. The market is frequently at the mercy of international relationsThe Journal of Economics said The Internet has made it possible for a business world built by the entrepreneurs themselves to evolve on the basis of the market economy and unencumbered by political squabbling. Recently IIT in India has announced that it will give campus placement opportunity to it's alumni entrepreneurs. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba group , said his next vision is to explore cross-border trade and to fundamentally change the existing trade pattern at a meeting in Hangzhou, .....

Zee News failed to perform its services on 30 November, 2014 at 2.27 AM in India
30 November, 2014,India, USA NEWS CORP
zeenews.india.com/ failed to perform its internet services on 30 November, 2014 at 2.27 AM. The problem also floated on it's sub links too. It could not be accessed.

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How can Spice Jet sustain its market share in upcoming competition?

30 November, 2014,South Asia, USA NEWS CORP
Sky is fast growing market in South Asia. Aviation sector is shifting here towards low cost maintenance. High running cost will eliminate potential players from market. Customers are looking for affordable service providers, while operating cost is increasing day by day with increased pressure from competitors. Low air fares and high quality services both are still in demand....

Sean Abbott bolds Phillip Hughes to death. Body safety equipment in Cricket needs to be manufactured at improved level
Sean Abbott bolds Phillip Hughes to death. Body safety equipment needs to be manufactured and improved in not only Cricket but in other sports too. More investment is needed for safety concerns with proper use of technology. Think about more body safety before you play Cricket or any other Game. There have been growing concerns around the world for Sean Abbott. Phillip Hughes died on Thursday, as result of his “catastrophic head injury” suffered from the bounce blow. Family of Hughes have rallied around the 22-year-old Sydneysider, notably Hughes’ sister Megan who is said to have counselled the devastated cricketer. Australian captain Michael Clarke, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and stunned fans have also come 

USA NEWS CORP drives billions of dollars profit into world's share market, as it reported petroleum price fall likely to continue

29 November, 2014, World News, USA NEWS CORP

USA NEWS CORP already declared, there is going to be a substantial  fluctuation in stock market prices worldwide, since crude oil prices are going to fall more in coming days. The move greatly affects global economy at large scale. The companies trading in crude oil and secondary products are going to be affected from OPEC decision not to reduce oil production. Oil price is directly related to commodity prices, and transportation, so economy will face major thunder. Various financial experts finds it a great opportunity to buy shares on low prices, while others should be ready, that stock market price of their share is going to increase or decrease.

27 November, 2014, Maharashtra, India, USA NEWS CORP

Pepsi, Coke and other artificial drinks are far ahead in business than natural juice market. There are some concerns which need urgent attention to boost fruit juice business. Storage, freshness, metabolism, stability of taste upon prolong storage are some important factors in it. Narwade R.R., Sakhale B.K.* and Gaikwad S.S. from Food Technology Division, Department of Chemical Technology, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India studied on determination of bitterness in sweet orange juice by HPLC. The investigation was conducted for determination of limonin which is responsible for bitterness in sweet orange juice by HPLC method. The cleaned and washed sweet orange fruits were peeled and subjected to the pre-treatment of acid and alkali using various concentrations of NaOH and HCl. Juice was extracted and analyzed for determination of limonin content by using Reversed Phase HPLC system equipped with UV detector. The limonin content detected in control was highest and treatment

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 27 November 2014 – USANEWSCORP
Only World Group Holdings Berhad (“OWG” or “Company”), which is involved in the leisure and hospitality industry is well on its way to being listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”), following a ceremony today to mark the launch of OWG’s prospectus for its Initial Public Offering exercise (“IPO ”).
In conjunction with its listing on the Main Market of Bursa Securities, ..

Gene Therapy Drug priced at 1.1 million euro: Exclusive Investment option
27 November, 2014, Germany, USANEWSCORP

Although there are several hurdles while developing a gene therapy drug, including R&D, regulatory approval, and delay in launch, but it comes with huge investment potential with high return. Glybera, from Dutch biotech firm UniQure (QURE.O) is set to go on sale in Germany with a 1.1 million euro ($1.4 million) price tag. It has created a new record for a medicine to treat a rare diseaseThe new drug treats an ultra-rare genetic disease called lipoprotein lipase deficiency (LPLD) that clogs the blood with fat. The medicine was approved in Europe two years ago but its launch 

27 November, 2014, China USANEWSCORP

Crude oil prices are going down. After a 30 per cent drop in oil prices since June, 2014 the OPEC producer club meets in Vienna to consider whether to cut output to shore up prices. It is nice time to hike reserve stock on low prices. But stocking costs enough high. Petrol prices in India has come down, but only a little bit. After enjoying enough margins on low rates buys companies have lowered the prices a little bit. Now Government is confused on further price fall. Whether it should eat the margin by increasing tax on petrol products or should lower the prices. Government seems in no mood to lower the prices, nor oil companies wants so. China takes advantage of situation and planing to explore oil in nearby sea. This intention has created enough mood off in neighboring countries.

India is world's worst country for trade and Business in coal mines
27 November, 2014, Australia USANEWSCORP

There is high demand for coal in India. Country is unable to meet it's Power demand. The Journal of Energy and Environmental Science reported that So many cities face regular power cut as a daily schedule. Industries, IT, and manufacturing sector greatly suffer due to inadequate supply of power. Orissa and Chhattisgarh have large coal resources. But corrupt political system in India keeps the exploration process away. Recently Supreme Court in India cancelled large number of coal mine auctioned. Many companies are facing investigation. The condition is so worst that active players are away from coal mining. Growth is slowdown already, but no one dare to demand the coal exploration. It's a big political issue in India, so ruling party too keeps itself away from it. Adani and other companies are ready to look foreign countries but reluctant to see inside the country. Previous Central Government was busted by coal block allocation scam. Now Supreme Court asks why CBI did not investigate Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, as he was head of that department. Big companies, Prime Minister, Coal Secretory and Kumar Manglam Birla have already faced threat to their hard earned reputation due to coal scam. PM Modi is working to change the scenario and international relations.

27 November, 2014, India USANEWSCORP

New Development Bank with USD 100 billion is a positive hope for India' manufacturing and infrastructure sector. According to  International Journal of Business Management, Photon BRICS countries are slow on execution, since the new bank has been formed. The initiate is likely to pay well for each participating country. Cooperation will also smooth Indo- China relations in Asia. While other participant countries are geographically so distant from each other, that chances of tussle is less. There are also dim chances that it will lessen western influence on growth and development of these countries. The initiative has already challenged World Bank and IMF monopoly. The Governments of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa, collectively the BRICS countries. China is also proposing a "maritime silk road" link to Europe that passes through Southeast As

Google gets greedy on Mobile Internet in India?
27 November, 2014, India USANEWSCORP
India is growing market for Google. Internet users are growing day by day here. Online marketing, eCommerce, and e Governance are proliferating day by day here. Google finds it big opportunity and preparing itself to resonance with it. Since larger section of Public uses internet on their mobile phones, websites need to be friendly with mobiles access. The situation is win-win case for companies and customers. It's a big opportunity to Google since there is enough to explore. India is a strategic market for Google and they are committed to invest in solutions that cater to the needs of SMBs in India


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 27 November 2014 – USANEWSCORP
Only World Group Holdings Berhad (“OWG” or “Company”), which is involved in the leisure and hospitality industry is well on its way to being listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”), following a ceremony today to mark the launch of OWG’s prospectus for its Initial Public Offering exercise (“IPO ”).
In conjunction with its listing on the Main Market of Bursa Securities, the IPO entails a public issue of approximately 56.41 million new ordinary 

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