Tuesday, 18 November 2014


The Interview is on release now

Sony Pictures said it would show The Interview in some US theatres.  The White House praised Sony's about-face, which the studio said would result in "a limited theatrical release" on Christmas Day of the film, which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco and is about a fictional plot to assassinate North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.  "The decision made by Sony and participating theatres allows people to make their own choices about the film, and we welcome that outcome," presidential spokesman Eric Schultz said.  Obama had called Sony's decision to pull the movie a mistake, suggesting it could set a precedent in which "some dictator some place can start imposing censorship here in the United States." George Clooney, had also assailed the cancelled release, with some accusing the studio of self-censorship. Sony Pictures Entertainment chief executive Michael Lynton said the studio was looking for more options to screen the film, which major US theatre chains pulled because of threats from hackers who warned of a Sept 11, 2001 style of attack.  Lynton said: "We have never given up on releasing The Interview and we're excited our movie will be in a number of theatres on Christmas Day." He said Sony was trying to secure other platforms and more theatres.... 

Mallika Sherawat flirts with Diry Politics

24 December, 2014, IndiaUSA NEWS CORP

'Diry Politics' is said to be based on the Bhanwari Devi sex scandal held at Rajasthan, India. Om Puri plays a politician in the film. Mallika said she essays an ambitious woman who uses her sex appeal to move up in life. "I play a character called Anokhi Devi in the film and she is very greedy kind of woman and very ambitious. She can do anything to get her ambitions fulfilled," the actress said. "She is from a poor family. Dirty Politics has crucially built its grounds of popularity. The film seems to have a lot of everything from corruption, menace, politics, comedy, to thrill and patriotism. So, when she is noticed by this politician, she does not leave the opportunity as she wants to move up in life and she uses her sex appeal to dominate the politician to go up in her life and realize her ambition and her power," she said. 'Dirty Politics' also features Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, Jackie Shroff, Ashutosh Rana and Rajpal Yadav. Mallika talks here about her bold scenes. Mallika Sherawat turns dirty and wild with Om Puri......

Happy Ending: Aewayi?
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Happy Ending isn't quite so happy. Happy Ending is a film saddled with unintended ironies and a misplaced sense of what makes its central characters cool, and relatable to its audience. Saif Ali Khan plays Yudi, a Los Angeles based author, who struck gold with his debut novel and is living off royalties. A commitment phobic man-child, who is too full of himself in an obvious way, Yudi is, for reasons known only to the scriptwriters, irresistible to the women he dates. He is trying to wriggle his way out of his relationship with his psychotic girlfriend Vishakha (Kalki Koechlin) when he meets 

another writer Aanchal Reddy (Ileana D’Cruz). Aanchal also happens to be a bestselling author in Los Angeles (what are the odds of that happening?) and Yudi instantly falls for her because her view of modern day relationships is as skewed as his own. Then there is the indomitable Govinda as the aging movie superstar, who has his sights on the multiplex audience and summons Yudi to write a ‘romedy’ that will be a ‘blockbuster all over the world.’ Ranvir Shorey, ever the brilliant sidekick who is known to often overshadow the hero, is unfortunately handed the short end of the stick in this one as the boorish, unimaginatively written best friend of the hero -- a hen-pecked husband whose only aim in life is to live vicariously through his unattached friend’s escapades. To his credit though, Shorey manages to rise above the lazy writing and infuses obvious situations with admirable flair.

Saif u r outsanding in this type of movies, not comparing this one wid cocktail , u will feel bore at some moments of movie !! The same kind of really heart touching speech , like cocktail !! A genuine Saif style praposal !! His expressions, his eyes !! Outstanding , enjoyed it ! Actually love it , jese mera tu sung by arijit is can make you feel "awww" , movie is like one time watch but if u r fan of this zonor than u'll definately collect some scenes to watch out again n again of this movie !! 

total time waste 

Good movie, one time watch

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