Sunday, 30 November 2014

Can ABP News compete from Star News image in 2015?


Can ABP News compete from Star News image in 2015?
30 November, 2014,India, USA NEWS CORP

ABP News has been metamorphosed from Star News. It is doing hard efforts to maintain its image. TRP, revenue, contents, and credibility are major issues to tackle. Viewers are observing the change in image. The new logo has amazed viewers. Since there is absence of Star News logo, people really miss it. Management has done excellent efforts so far, it is tough time for this media house to fight with situation. It is facing strong competition from several News Channels. Latest News, India News, Business, Cricket

Zee News: Latest News Headlines, Current Live Breaking

IBN7: Latest News Hindi, Breaking News, Hindi News

But USA NEWS CORP forecasts the long term effect on the scenario of Indian News Channels. Year 2015 is not going to be same as it is now. Be ready for changes. The number 1 position deserves for quality. One who serves this, will lead to Rank 1. There are natural reasons why any news channel is stick to its concerned rank. USA NEWS CORP extends best wishes for new developments and betterment of content.

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  1. I don't think so, it can. Although its working hard, but now it is like without salt.