Sunday, 30 November 2014

Boron Neutron Capture Therapy for cancer treatment: A new hope



Boron Neutron Capture Therapy for cancer treatment: A new hope

Egypt, 01 December 2014 – USANEWSCORP

There has been resurgence of interest in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BCNT) in recent years as a safe and successful manner in cancer treatments. The report has appeared recently on world's leading Journal for Cancer. A prerequisite for BNCT to become a viable cancer treatment option is to develop nuclear systems capable of producing epithermal neutron beams of desired characteristics that may be constructed at an acceptable cost, placed in medical centres worldwide, and operated safely and economically, so accelerators may be a suitable tool for getting the neutrons appropriate to the facility. There is a deep need for constructing a system of this neutrons and filter it for moderating fast neutron to have epithermal neutron and reducing gamma flux. The most useful way for these trials is choosing a powerful theoretical code with an accurate results and apply it so many times with different martials of different dimensions and arrangements till get the wanted flux for BNCT facility. BNCT is a biologically targeted from a radiotherapy, which exploits the ability of nonradioactive isotope 10B to capture thermal neutrons with high probability leading to the reaction 7 Li(p,n)7 Be. This reaction produces 478 KeV gamma-rays, 4He particles and 7 Li recoil ions, the latter two having high energy transfer properties and high relative biological effectiveness relative to photon irradiation with very short range not exceeds the diameter of the infected cell. Nowadays, rather than reactors, accelerators can be used to deliver fast neutrons that may be attenuated using fission convertor in order to get the suitable neutron energy for BNCT facility. MCNP5 is used to simulate the Egyptian accelerator that may be used in this application. Many trials have been carried out to get the suited epi-thermal neutrons that must be delivered to satisfy BNCT process. Also this code can be used to simulate the human head with the tumor inside with different sizes and at different depth. Some regulatory aspects have to be satisfied for safety. Associate Professor Eman Massoud Ahmed at Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority, Radiation Protection Department, Cairo, Egypt reported that with the aid of this model, different sizes of tumor at different positions can be studied in easy and fast way.  He has received world's prestigious 'James Chadwick Award-2014' in Nuclear Medicine by Photon Foundation.

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