Sunday, 30 November 2014

National Geographic has challenged Discovery popularity worldwide? See, where is Mega stardom competition in 2015 ?


30 November, 2014,Europe, USA NEWS CORP
National Geographic has worked hard to compete with DiscoveryDiscovery could sustain its popularity but it could not pause large public, getting attracted towards National Geographic. It was not a tactic. It was amazing presentation and excellent stuff. The efforts leaded towards worldwide fame and ample challenge to monopoly of  Discovery. Meanwhile other exciting channels also floated there, but they were not in a hurry to compete this race, 

instead of this others chose to serve 'something different'.  World's prestigious journal 'The Journal of Journalism & Mass Communication' expressed that still there is huge scope for new emerging channels. The public has vast need and interest and yet it is to be explored.   National Geographic DiscoveryAXN and others have done nice efforts in this direction. They have tried to identify the taste what public wants. Not only this, they went ahead and designed themselves viewers friendly e.g. continent/ country wise. Through various modes they could reach to large mass. Not only sounding better brand image to known viewers, they discovered news viewers too. Either these players can compete among themselves or they may find separate niche for themselves.  Year 2015 is surely bringing exciting opportunities to new players, while high ranking channels will struggle to keep their stardom intact. 

Can ABP News compete from Star News image?
30 November, 2014,India, USA NEWS CORP

ABP News has been metamorphosed from Star News. It is doing hard efforts to maintain its image. TRP, revenue, contents, and credibility are major issues to tackle. Viewers are observing the change in image. The new logo has amazed viewers. Since there is absence of Star News logo, people really miss it. Management has done excellent efforts so far, it is tough time for this media house to fight with situation. It is facing strong competition from several News Channels. Latest News, India News, Business, Cricket

Zee News: Latest News Headlines, Current Live Breaking

IBN7: Latest News Hindi, Breaking News, Hindi News

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