Saturday, 13 December 2014

Mamata Banerjee is on biggest attack as Madan Mitra is arrested by CBI


Mamata Banerjee is on biggest attack as Madan Mitra is arrested by CBI

13 December, 2014, India, USA NEWS CORP

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is facing the biggest ever setback in her entire political career as for the first time a minister of her Cabinet. Madan Mitra is arrested by Central Bureau of Investigation. Mamata Banerjee's rantings that the BJP Govt. is after her and has set the CBI after her and her party as a political vendetta is difficult to swallow. The first arrest involving a TMC big wig was made in September 2013 much before the present Govt, at the centre came to power. More arrests have followed as the investigation has progressed. Mamata may be personally clean but the same cannot be said about all her party men. People expect support and security from the CBI. opposed the slain leader’s wife Bharti alleging that the CBI and the Mamata Banerjee government were shielding the accused for political reasons. Angry Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee lashed out at the BJP for misusing power. It is a direct fire attack by BJP against TMC. BJP is supposed to gain publicity by this step in West Bengal. The chief minister termed the CBI move "illegal and unconstitutional". Mamata Banerjee said the central agency has set a "bad precedent" by arresting a minister without informing the government or the assembly speaker. Mitra participated in many Saradha programmes and heaped praises on group chairman Sudipto Sen for creating job opportunities for thousands of people and assured help if the group faced any difficulties.

Madan Mitra under custody till 16 December
Mamata Banerjee says if image is proof, PM Modi should be arrested in Sahara scam

Does Modi wins it's match against Mamata Banerjee?
Are Modi and Amit Shah against Mamata Banerjee?
Does this incident pose a threat to Mamata Banerjee Government, but no harm to BJP?

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