Sunday, 7 December 2014

Internet will play a major role for small business development in 2015


Internet will play a major role for small business development in 2015

Jack Ma, Alibaba Group Executive Chairman attends the Fifth Conference of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, December 6, 2014. Jack Ma was awarded Honorary Chairman of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce during the conference. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba group, said on Thursday how his company is exploring ways to help small businesses not only in China, but all around the whole world. The three-day First World Internet Conference opened on Wednesday in the scenic river town of Wuzhen with roughly 1,000 Internet professionals, from more than 100 countries and regions in attendance. Ma said, "traditionally, all we think about is how to sell products to others and how to get money out of the pockets of consumers. "The internationalization of Alibaba group's business requires us to ponder the issue of how to help others sell their products to us. China's rapidly rising middle class is posting a huge demand for foreign products." In February, Alibaba launched Tmall International dealing mainly in commodities produced or sold in overseas markets and in September the company was the source of the world's biggest initial public offering. Ma believes that in the global village, old trade modes will be transformed, and, within the WTO framework, the rules of game are set by the governments. The market is frequently at the mercy of international relations. The Journal of Economics said The Internet has made it possible for a business world built by the entrepreneurs themselves to evolve on the basis of the market economy and unencumbered by political squabbling. Recently IIT in India has announced that it will give campus placement opportunity to it's alumni entrepreneurs. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba group , said his next vision is to explore cross-border trade and to fundamentally change the existing trade pattern at a meeting in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Thursday. The meeting was attended by Premier Li Keqiang. Ma said e-commerce will be able to affect the established arrangement between governments and the World Trade Organization, in addition to fundamentally reshaping production, global trade and transportation. "I deeply believe that the arrangement will be replaced by a new trade pattern dominated bye-commerce. For instance, people in Argentina can buy products in Indonesian more easily,"Ma said. Ma said Internet-based credit rating system will be one of the methods to build China's credit system. Global leaders, such as Paul Jacobs, chairman of Qualcomm, and James Smith, CEO of Thomson Reuters, also attended the meeting on Thursday. small business needs to grow well for sustainable growth of economy. India's PM Modi also recognizes the potential of  MAKE IN INDIA. Japan is also closely working on international business and cooperation. This all will shift the business from american economy.

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