Thursday, 26 February 2015

Two new species of the genus Tetracotyle Reported from North India

Two new species of the genus Tetracotyle Reported from North India

27 February, 2015, India, USA NEWS CORP

Helminths are a serious threat to their hosts causing loss to the fish-based economy. A large number of fishborne infections, caused by fishborne zoonotic trematodes because freshwater fishes serve as the second intermediate host in the life cycle of many helminths. There is limited information available on this aspect in Indian perspective. The present communication attempts to provide a detail description about two strigeids species viz. Tetracotyle multilobulata n. sp. and Tetracotyle madhubanensis n. sp. parasitizing freshwater fishes, collected from Eastern U.P., India. The species are characterized on the basis of shape, structure, place and position of oesophagus, intestinal caeca, holdfast organ, hold fast gland and number of genital rudiments. Tetracotyle multilobulata n. sp. and Tetracotyle madubanensis n. sp. are new species of the Tetracotyle group. Identification of the parasite has been done using morphological characters from live specimens as well as mounted specimen. As Earlier described trematodes species Mastacembelus armatus (Lacep.) was parasitized by T. fausti (Rai and Pande, 1969) nom. nov., Syn. Diplostomulum type Rai and Pande, 1969 only. Hense it’s a new host record for Tetracotyle group. The major drawback lies in the knowledge and uniformity of taxonomic characters resulting in multiplication of species due to unavailability of good equipment in last decades. It will reform them by using advance tools and techniques. There is still a lot of scope in the areas where hosts have not been surveyed for infection, especially eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. Thus, there is a chance of getting new species of such Strigeids group. Worms were studied alive to saw the pattern of reserve excretory system while detailed internal structures of specimens from mounted slides in Canada Balsam to short out this issue. During course of study from 2007-2010 fishes were therefore, examined and author has succeeded in making a collection of some metacercariae of Tetracotyle sp. from different host and locality. This appear new to science which form the basis of the present work. Author is \thankful to Prof. Nirupama Agrawal and Prof. K.C. Pandey (Department of Zoology, Lucknow University, Lucknow) for their valuable suggestions. Authorities of DST are thankfully acknowledged for financial assistance (SR/SO AS-44/2005).
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