Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bihar CM Jitan Manjhi says 'SHUT UP'

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Bihar CM Jitan Manjhi says 'SHUT UP'

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Jitan Ram Manjhi on Sunday said he will do what he wants and "will not take anybody's advice". "What I have been saying and doing, I will keep doing it. I am not weak or lesser in ability to those who are giving me suggestions. I will not take anybody's advice," Manjhi said, speaking after inaugurating a meeting of doctors belonging to SC and ST communities in the state capital. Manjhi's controversial state- 
"upper castes are foreigners", 
"chopping the hands of doctors", 
I may become prime minister one day
(... Jitan Ram Manjhi has now grown up child and cooking chili powder for his own party is feeling discomfort with recipes he is cooking day by day, Once upon a time Jitan Ram Manjhi ate chooha, now he is serving this to party just for taste change!!....chill out

Jitan Ram Manjhi is practicing that he could get a role at least in Comedy Nights with Kapil. He says cool baby, its just rehearsal.. till then enjoy with chooha..

Manjhi Manjhi .....Yes Papa
Eating Chooha.....No Papa
Telling Lie............No Papa
Open Mouth.........Ha ha ha

Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon...
I may become prime minister one day

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