Sunday, 23 November 2014

Why Arundhati Roy Enjoy Cast System Politics for Cheap Popularity: Hidden Agenda


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  • Why Arundhati Roy Enjoy Cast System Politics for Cheap Popularity: Hidden Agenda

    Breaking News

    "Caste is at the heart of the India politics, Indian society, Indian business, Indian economics. This modern democracy and the free market has not done away with it. India's perceived prosperity has not reduced the inequalities enshrined in the Indian caste system," said the author of the God of Small Things: Arundhati Roy. (Does it reflect in anyway, that she is against of it?) 
     'WHY' not to work instead of commenting...?

    She said: "Political power itself has been undermined by the new economy. So, you have now major corporations running political parties, owning the media, deciding what the debates will be. And you have the situations where you have these handful of corporations who own everything. And there too, if you look at who are these corporations, all of them are trading castes-Gandhi's caste, the Banias. (Cursing....?) 
     also curse the Sun because Sun is only ultimate source of energy on earth, what the hell it is, why not stars and our own earth...?

    "The Bania community owns the media, corporations, mines. They are the moneylenders; they have the rural India caught in a vice. Then you have the Brahmins who run the judiciary, who run the bureaucracy, who are the editors, who are the journalists and so on.Then you have the Dalits who are 90 per cent landless. (She herself talks about castism, same time curse it also. (Can revenge ever lead to harmony?)
    ... excited that why did someone choose to become a beggar instead of doing any Job...?

    Unhappy with PM Modi, she said one needs to rethink the definition of progress. She could not seem happy with growing popularity of Modi abroad, she said people are excited about certain aspects of India, because they do not bother to see the other aspects. (Does she want to see all time unhappy or sad India?)
    Someone decided to Re-name himself as 'Sad Singh'...? Soon all names will be announced of entire family persons on the occasion of his daughter's marriage. Someone warned the Groom also..

    "You just have to look at the laws in the country. You call it a democracy and you have laws like Unlawful Area Prevention Act, Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act or the Arms Forces Special Powers Act which allows a non-commissioned soldier to kill on suspicion," the winner of the Booker Prize said.
    (Confused ..without knowing the exact reason of concerned Law. Innocent should NEVER suffer in any way)

    People's opinion

    What an earth shattering revelation.... she should get a nobel prize for enlightening the world on this great discovery..
    (...this is how and why she was awarded...)

    She is trying to confuse caste system with poverty , although both are interlinked . How ever both are creation of Politicians . Her bias against business community appears pathological in nature and unfounded .The business community creates wealth , you cannot distribute some thing you do not have . In trying to make every one equally poor in the name of socialism you do not progress and regress back hundreds of years . It is quite possible that the business community may get extra mileage out of their efforts . They are not saints after all . 

    Given the plus and minuses of a business community's contributions and exploitation , the scale will weigh very heavily in favor of pluses . But for the business community , the Indian economic scene would have been horrible . It is the economic backwardness which stings and not the so much the social backwardness. For three decade we have had reservation and quota system , that it has failed to make much impact is largely due to uncontrolled population . Surprisingly she has not identified the major factor which is the govts in ability to implement a targeted population control measures , where as she was quite froth coming in holding the rich class and the Bania class responsible for the evils , it is surprising that she doe not have any of her so called privileged opinion on this.

    Why none of these people have any set of concrete ideas .or suggestions as to what should be done . What has been her contribution . Has she written to the govt with her plans has she indicated her willingness to take up the responsibility in this regards and volunteered to head some such mission. Why none of these people have any set of concrete ideas .or suggestions as to what should be done . What has been her contribution . Has she written to the govt with her plans has she indicated her willingness to take up the responsibility in this regards and volunteered to head some such mission .

    Shes a Vatican agent a converted Christian but uses a Hindu name to mask her identity.
    Don't give her importance, She keeps barking with negative thoughts & anti india feeling

    100% right, this christain lady from kerala state keeps quiet when thousands of sc,st and tribal hindus are robbed of their forest land by chriiisatin missioriaries using muscle and money power and this christain lady herself has cases against her and her husband for encroaching tribal land and for constructing a palace there! Why she is not protesting to vaaaticna for not electing even on Pope of indian origin or black person during the past 2000 years and there will be NO indian or balck skinned Pope as slong s Christianity is alive and thiss wolf arunfhatri in sheep clothing is talking about caste system in hinudism, though the desert *****   ****are most casteist and racist and hate-preaching cults in the whole world!

    ( speechless..)

    This woman has a real negative mind. I have never heard anything positive from her. Every opportunity she gets she makes her celebrity status to bash India. 
    She is not a brahmin or a bania but she has done well for herself. How come!

    ( speechless..)

    It seems that Arundhati mission in life is to give out the count of so many girls who are raped as she herself did not like any indian male for marriage.She might have bad experience of marriage in her personal life which is dragging her to focus only that part of life of a women where every female in india should fall to divorce and dont have happy married life.
    ( speechless..)

    if hindus were believing in caste system, nearly 500 million hindus would not have voted for Modiji to become the prime minister now though Modiji is from a backward caste! How many Indians know that the two greatest epics of hindusim,Rmayan and Mhabahart were NOT written by high caste hindus! BUT TWO GREATEST INTELLECTUALS EVER BORN, SAGE VAMLMIKI AND SAGE VYAS WHO WERE FROM THE SCHEDULED CASTE AND FISHERMAN CASTE! 
    ( again speechless..)

    Problem with this type of thinking is that she tries to show each category as consisting of people with same of level income, assets and education, which is defective thinking. The medi is owned not by all Banias but only 0.001 % banias. Similarly, only 0.001 % Brahmins go into bureaucracy and judiciary and 90% Brahmins can be categorized as poor in terms of landholding and income

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