Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Appiah Thompson Peter, Anthony Richard and Edzie Kobina Mesi receive Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Research Award-2015 in Tuberculosis

Breaking News: Appiah Thompson Peter, Anthony Richard and Edzie Kobina Mesi receive Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Research Award-2015 in Tuberculosis

Appiah Thompson Peter, Anthony Richard and Edzie Kobina Mesi receive Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Research Award-2015 in Tuberculosis

12 March, 2015, West Africa, USA NEWS CORP

The Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Research Award-2015 in Tuberculosis goes to Appiah Thompson Peter, Anthony Richard and Edzie Kobina Mesi from West Africa. This is an excellent global opportunity to recognize the meritorious efforts by individual and organization. The research findings were published on world’s prestigious The Journal of Chest Disease and Tuberculosis. Laryngeal tuberculosis is rare even though tuberculosis in general especially the pulmonary type is common in the tropics. The laryngeal disease tends to present with vague and nonspecific symptoms like hoarseness of voice or dysphagia which can pass for a laryngeal malignancy. Laryngoscopic features also simulate a malignancy. Thus confirmation of diagnosis of laryngeal tuberculosis can only be by biopsy of the primary tumour itself. The histopathology would report caseating granulomatous inflammation. Antitubercular treatment gives excellent results when the diagnosis is made. The object of this article is thus to highlight the need for taking biopsies in suspected cases of laryngeal tuberculosis for the appropriate antituberculous medications to be started early. We report on an 18 year old woman who presented to our facility with hoarseness of voice, dysphagia and cough with blood-stained sputum. At direct laryngoscopy she was found to have soft, friable, tiny lesions on both true vocal cords with tonsillar hypertrophy. She was diagnosed of having laryngeal tuberculosis on histopathology. She had a good response to antituberculosis therapy and is now asymptomatic after three years and continuing her education in a tertiary institution. Extra pulmonary tuberculosis often poses a diagnostic challenge to the clinician. Laryngeal tuberculosis may be commoner in the tropics than is currently reported in literature. Laryngeal tuberculosis responds very well to conventional anti-tuberculous therapy. Clinicians should not hesitate to refer patients with unexplained hoarseness of voice for ENT evaluation. Biopsies for histology wherever possible should be an essential part in the investigation of a hoarse voice. High index of suspicion is needed to diagnose extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. Diagnosis of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis is mainly done by histology. Early diagnosis and treatment of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis is crucial. The corresponding author managed the patient the first time of admission, and wrote the abstract, introduction and discussion. The second author managed the patient when she was admitted for the second time and wrote the conclusion. The third author reported on the chest X-ray and helped with the write-up of the discussion. They wish to thank the nurses who helped with the care of this patient. They also wish to express their gratitude to the secretaries who typed this article.
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