Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Uber Taxi getting banned worldwide (India, Malaysia, U.S., U.K., Spain, Vietnam, and Indonesia)? over Rape incident at New Delhi


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10 December, 2014, India, USA NEWS CORP

Uber Taxi getting banned worldwide (India, Malaysia, U.S., U.K., Spain, Vietnam, and Indonesia)? over Rape incident at New Delhi

Uber is banned in New Delhi, India. Earlier it was thought that it may be an immature decision to ban Uber. Can you impose the rape liability confined to Uber? Now, India's capital New Delhi bans all internet taxi firms after Uber rape. Uber insists it was compliant with New Delhi, India taxi regulations when it did not perform a background check on a driver who allegedly raped a lady passenger. Uber banned in New Delhi after alleged rape by it's driver. New Delhi has now extended a ban on Uber to all web-based taxi services in the Indian capital following a rape allegation against an Uber driver.  The case has caused momentum in India after it emerged that the suspect had previously been charged for rape but had obtained a character reference signed by a police officer that appeared to have been forged.  It has also exposed a total failure to regulate the booming market for online taxi services in India.  The Delhi transport department has yet been slow to respond and, according to reports, sent its order banning Uber by fax.  But Uber says, that they did not receive such any notifications. Moreover this App is still not banned in India from public access. The move has caught momentum now, and Uber is facing worldwide negative publicity across India, Malaysia, U.S., U.K., Spain, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Uber banned in Spain and Thailand, sued in Portland and illegal in Rio, makes the worst hit to the company. Uber had been valued at about $40 billion ahead of a planned stock market flotation. The company is also facing legal action in several European countries including Germany and has regulatory problems which prevent it from operating in U.S. cities such as Las Vegas and Miami. 

These online operators do not tune with rules and regulations and are likely to hit at large in near future resulting in roaring government revenue. Uber issue is not going to cool down in winters of New Delhi, since 16 December, will hot the issue on its peak, as it is related to rape incident.

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