Thursday, 11 December 2014

Metals are still hot choices in Trade and Business


Metals are still hot choices in Trade and Business

10 December, 2014, LondonUSA NEWS CORP
Photo: Vw rims after stripping and powdercoatingA large range of price and trading information is available for market users on either a live or 30-minute delayed basis from licenced data distributors

LME Official Prices, US$ per tonne

ContractAluminium AlloyAluminiumCopperLeadNickelTinZincNASAAC
Cash Buyer2015.001949.506475.502002.0016420.0020450.002190.501985.00
Cash Seller & Settlement2025.001950.006476.002004.0016425.0020470.002191.001990.00
3-months Buyer2030.001965.006422.002012.0016475.0020450.002207.002015.00
3-months Seller2040.001965.506424.002013.0016500.0020490.002208.002025.00
Dec 1 Buyer2030.001992.006385.002033.0016545.002223.002080.00
Dec 1 Seller2040.001997.006395.002038.0016645.002228.002090.00
15-months Buyer20460.00
15-months Seller20510.00
Dec 2 Buyer2017.006350.002058.0016485.002213.00
Dec 2 Seller2022.006360.002063.0016585.002218.00
Dec 3 Buyer2052.006315.002068.0016385.002195.00
Dec 3 Seller2057.006325.002073.0016485.002200.00

LME Official Opening stocks in tonnes

StocksAluminium AlloyAluminiumCopperLeadNickelTinZincNASAAC
Opening Stock2664043025251660752203504075681114568185079700
Live Warrants265002029975149125210775311700992059112568220
Cancelled Warrants14022725501695095759586812259072511480

Settlement Exchange Rates

CurrencyExchange rate
GB Pounds Sterling1.5687
Japanese Yen119.06

Sterling equivalents

Copper Cash Seller & Settlement£4128.26
Copper 3-months Seller£4097.72
Lead Cash Seller & Settlement£1277.49
Lead 3-months Seller£1284.05
LME Index value 3013

LME Asian Benchmark, US$ per tonne

10 December 2014

Aluminium3-months ABR1970.34
Copper3-months ABR6454.16
Zinc3-months ABR2218.61

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