Tuesday, 25 November 2014

University Professor of the Year: Association of German Universities


University Professor of the Year: Association of German Universities
IST, November, 2014

The Association of German Universities awarded Raúl Rojas as University Professor of the Year in Germany. He hails from Mexico City, who has developed routes covering cars without driver.
At the Free University of Berlin, Rojas (idly on the right side of the image) has developed technology projects (Free University of Berlin / Courtesy).
Mexican professor Raúl Rojas was recognized as the "University Professor of the Year " by the Association of German Universities (DHV), based on their research on topics of robotics, combining teaching. The professor of robotics and integrated systems at the Free University of Berlin, Germany has directed projects such as football games with robots and cars able to default without a driver routes. Rojas autonomous cars can move around the city, although it requires someone to accompany driver's seat to react to unforeseen events. Lee: Robots, the 'Godinez' 2025 Recognition of the DVH awards 10,000 euros (169,000 dollars), which will be delivered to the Mexican the March 23, 2015. Raúl Rojas was born in Mexico City in 1955 and studied mathematics and physics in the country. He graduated in sociology in Germany, where he has served as a professor since 1994.

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