Saturday, 22 November 2014

Why transitional period migrants are happy with Mark Reckless's UKIP

Why transitional period migrants are happy with Mark Reckless's UKIP


Mr. Reckless told the Times the UKIP leader had changed the party's policy. EU migrants already in the UK would be allowed to remain. party had previously guaranteed people from the EU would be able to stay for a two-year "transitional period" while negotiations with the EU took place - the aim of which would be a deal allowing both EU nationals already in the UK and Britons living in the EU to remain where they were. "The only thing that has been clarified is that irrespective of what the EU may do for

Britons living there, people from the EU living here will stay permanently, irrespective of anything the EU may determines about Britons living in the EU." "Until Nigel changed it on Wednesday, the policy of the party was everyone can stay for the transitional period, no doubt about that, that there would then be a permanent arrangement which would be part of the EU negotiation." He said "I've always thought we should allow people to stay permanently regardless, because that's the right thing to do by them and it's also the right thing for our party in terms of how we want to look to the country." Mr. Reckless made the controversial comments during a televised hustings on 
Tuesday evening. He added: "Anyone who has legally entered the country has a right to remain. We do not believe in retrospective legislation."

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